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Google goggles XE11 upgrade

Posted on November 10 2013 by Parajumpers in cheap oakley sunglasses, oakley sunglasses, cheap oakleys

Today, Google announced the Google Glass XE11 firmware update, and highlights on the Google+ page has several new features of the upgrade. Additions include the use of "my schedule" and "me in November what to do? "Instructions to search for Google Calendar (Google Calendar), Google noted that" search the calendar for use Gmail and enable search users. ” This update also includes a user voice characteristic of high content: navigate through voice commands to get home or to work.cheap oakleys
Google goggles users will now notice that in XE11 there will be a redesign of Glass design tutorial, Google says, the tutorial will show users how to use Google goggles with Smartphone application that corresponds to the connection. Users will also see in the notification bar will appear "Start screencast" shortcuts, make it easier to quickly start Google goggles screen recording to a smart phone.cheap oakley sunglasses
Finally, Google Google goggles has been removed some features on XE11. Users will not be able to activate the search by long pressing the trackpad, as many users apparently mishandling.oakley sunglasses
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