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Amazon released during intelligent machines

Posted on March 14 2014 by Parajumpers

Internal documents obtained through Amazon , evry Lahti disclose the details of the Amazon smartphone . The document said that the Amazon smartphone will be responsible for the manufacture of a potential partner , and spoke of the product in China , Europe and the U.S. smart phone market development strategy. Consideration early in the Amazon , also includes the introduction of this product in the Latin American market . Ephron Lahti noted that this internal code name for "Project Aria" Amazon smartphone will likely start selling this year. Although not disclose the retail price of the product , but evry Lahti think the price of Apple's iPhone will only " a small part ."ray ban sunglasses
If Amazon is indeed a smart phone released this year , it is unclear whether the company will use its own brand , or will work with partners to launch this product . Ephron Lahti noted that Amazon began last year to facilitate " a number of hardware partners " on the launch of negotiations smartphone problems , but now we can not confirm that Amazon will continue to adhere to this plan. Rumors about the Amazon will be involved in the emergence of the smartphone market has long been . Technology blog TechCrunch had reported in October last year , Amazon will launch two smart phones : one for low-cost device , another high-end flagship devices. The message was that the Amazon is to join the Asian card machine module manufacturers to develop advanced sensors , resulting in next year 's high-end flagship smartphone released in 3D gestures and can be implanted in eye-tracking technology. Amazon's flagship smartphone will configure 6 card machine modules , of which four will be VGA camera , which are located in the four corners of the smart phones , which support 3D gesture and eye tracking. The news that this device will also comes with a front and a rear camera for taking pictures and video. Wherein the pixel rear camera will reach 13 million pixel front camera for 12 million . The Information obtained documents likely to talk about is Amazon's cheap smartphone. The phone will have a 5-inch high-definition display , plastic cover, and 16GB of storage space. oakley sunglasses

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Rumors about the Amazon will be involved in the emergence of the smartphone market has long been.

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