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42.1% users first install mobile games are casual games

Posted on May 25 2013 by Parajumpers in cheap oakley sunglasses, cheap oakleys, oakley sunglasses cheap, oakley sunglasses sale

2012-2013, mobile game shine. Greatly enriches the lives of intelligent terminal users. As the largest and most professional statistical analysis for mobile applications and developer platform, Alliance covering more than 100,000 mobile apps, continued to study the mobile game user behavior. We found that, in 2012, the growth in user's use of the game a lot, the average users daily playing time increased 40%, frequency has increased 41% of the game, users increasingly prefer playing games on a mobile device.
More and more good developer access to this area, game users a wide range of choices. Overall, mobile games more lightweight and easier to get started, users of the "playing career" is mostly from a simple game. Friends of UNITA from 2013 to cover 380 million active users in China in the first quarter, an anonymous statistical analysis of sample, found that users first install and activate the game light game: all game, 42.1% the first time install activated games are casual games, 22.2% of the user activation is first installed the game is an action arcade game. In contrast, activation is first installed the game, select a business develop such users only in the 0.6%, select the user role playing is only 0.4%. Mild, easy games more suitable ways and using intelligent terminal operation, becoming the first choice of most users while trying to move the game.cheap oakley sunglasses
Game players would transfer in a variety of game categories of interest. Co-occurrence relationships between different categories of games, showing a users habits and tendencies on a game using, through such analyses, how developers can clearly see how the player's points of interest focus.cheap oakleys. Friends of the Union through excavations of anonymous data, action arcade games and casual games, the highest degree of co-occurrence, where users play action arcade and casual games, the highest possible, followed by the degree of co-occurrence of chess games and casual games. Game category degree of co-occurrence ranked in TOP 10 also includes: action arcade and cards, action, arcade and elite competitive flight in flight music, casual games and music, music, chess and athletics flight adventure, adventure and action arcade, oakley sunglasses cheap.adventure and strategy and simulation of business formation and role play and strategy. Co-occurrence relations in strong games, after the user activates one of the installation, there may soon be installed to activate another.oakley sunglasses sale

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