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42.1% users first install mobile games are casual games

Posted on May 25 2013 by Parajumpers in cheap oakley sunglasses, cheap oakleys, oakley sunglasses cheap, oakley sunglasses sale

2012-2013, mobile game shine. Greatly enriches the lives of intelligent terminal users. As the largest and most professional statistical analysis for mobile applications and developer platform, Alliance covering more than 100,000 mobile apps, continued...

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Global Android smart mobile device market share of nearly 60%

Posted on May 10 2013 by Parajumpers in cheap oakleys, cheap oakley sunglasses, oakley outlet

Market research firm Canalys according to a new report released Thursday, 2013 global smart mobile device shipments in the first quarter to 308.7 million, an increase of 37.4%. Reports, broken down by operating system,cheap oakleys. Google's Android operating...

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