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North Korea's overseas tourists in 3G mobile Internet access service is turned off

Posted on March 27 2013 by Parajumpers in cheap oakley sunglasses, cheap eyeglasses, oakley outlet,

North Korea travel site KoryoTours published a prompt message appear, 3G mobile Internet access services to foreign tourists after less than a month, North Korea announced the closure of the service, but users can still holding a local SIM card for international long distance calls. The site does not have the termination to the overseas visitors with specific reasons for mobile Internet access service in 3G.cheap oakley sunglasses
On March 1 this year, through part of the mobile operator belonging to the Government of Korea Koryolink, 3G mobile Internet access service to foreign tourists, trying to relax restrictions on Internet access regulation. After the foreigners entering the country, you can use mobile phones with WCDMA compatible networks, or rent a mobile phone, purchase a SIM card from a local market, feel free to use 3G mobile Internet service. But the service is only open to foreigners, its users still can't access. Technology news network a small addendum to see KoryoTours website message said: "attention: North Korea no longer 3G mobile Internet access service to visitors. But you can still continue to buy SIM cards to make international long distance calls, but cannot reach the Internet. ”cheap eyeglasses
Analysts believe that this may now, and tensions on both sides, and the recent United States suffered massive cyber attacks since most recently Korea announced its domestic news, banking, Government websites suffered a massive cyber-attack-related.oakley outlet
North Korea's overseas tourists in 3G mobile Internet access service is turned off
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